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SMOORE-VAPORESSO COSS包装通过强烈的品牌认知度和工艺视觉效果唤起产品感受力。以产品特性的烟雾特点,在外包装上使用品牌图形LOGO做大小不一的镂空孔状点位,营造烟雾环绕的艺术化效果与使用该产品时呼吸的变化感;内盒最上层设计为最大化的烫绿logo,通过开启过程与光线折射,时刻营造出不同的视觉效果,保证品牌超强识别的同时,形成灰绿组合的品牌色彩视觉;此外采用环保材料,凸显品牌和产品可持续发展的理念,与内信封上二维码来了解数字产品的体验。


Packaging evokes product sensibilities through strong brand recognition and craftsmanship visuals. Based on the smoke characteristics of the product, the brand graphic LOGO is used on the outer packaging to create hollow holes of different sizes to create an artistic effect of smoke surrounding the product and a sense of change in breathing when using the product; the top layer of the inner box is designed to maximize the The hot-green logo creates different visual effects at all times through the opening process and light refraction, ensuring strong brand recognition while forming a brand color vision of gray and green combinations; in addition, environmentally friendly materials are used to highlight the sustainable development of the brand and products. Concept, with a QR code on the inner envelope to understand the experience of digital products.

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