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Sishifu Tea advocates a simple and healthy new Chinese way of maintaining health, using the form of effervescent tea drinks to replenish nutrition anytime and anywhere and obtain physical and mental healing. In terms of packaging design, we have integrated the concept of "one plate of tablets" throughout, using silver card materials and effervescent tablet blisters to simulate the capsule feel, highlighting the healthy and functional features of the product; in terms of outer box design, we divided the front into 9 circles are combined in pairs according to different flavors for layout. The product name and graphics are located among them. The positions of the circles on the packaging of different flavors are varied, reflecting the sense of product series; the information layout method is derived from the layout form of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions and ancient books. Strengthen the concept of Chinese health care in the product; in the graphic design, the combination of fonts and strokes in Song typeface are extracted and spliced ​​into plant pattern different raw materials, and the concept of Chinese health care is implemented in the packaging.

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